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Aurovue Dfine is fabricated as a single unit, preloaded hydrophobic acrylic, apodized diffractive multifocal intraocular lens designed to provide precise vision across near, Intermediate and distance vision to the patients.

The Aurovue Dfine IOL has been developed through dedicated research by specialists in the fields of optics and multifocal IOL design.

Aurovue Dfine is also the only Multifocal IOL in the world that has undergone the largest ever clinical trial – with over 100 patients receiving bilateral implants, to test the efficacy of this product.  

Aurovue Dfine has the advantages of a proven material, negative aberrated optic, 360 degree square edge, force enduring haptics that comes in a preloaded injector system that ensure the micro rings on the optic are remain in a pristine condition, ensuring best results for the patients. 

Energy distribution chart: Aurovue Dfine provides less dependence on spectacles by providing 37% energy to near vision, which is higher than other imported MFIOL, and 45% energy to the distance vision that provide patients uncompromised near and distance visions in their daily life.  

Clinical trial: Aurovue Dfine lens was implanted in 138 patients bilaterally with a follow up after a year from the implant. The results showed that 93% of the patients had 6/6p or better UCBDVA and 98% of the patients exhibited N6 UCBNVA.

Apodized and tropical conditions. First Indian Apodized diffractive MFIOL for optimum energy distribution across all ranges of vision in varying light conditions. This optimisation has been done specially for tropical conditions, to ensure the best results for patients even after a few years after the procedure.

Additional support: Aurolab will provide support in terms of lifestyle questionnaire, counselling tools and on call clinical optometrist assistance.

Email: dfine@auralab.com
Call: +91 9442561925

Angle kappa machine: Exclusive angle kappa measuring device designed to help surgeons recommend Aurovue Dfine MFIOL to patients with confidence.


VD tool software. First and only validated software tool to objectively assess postoperative visual disturbances, if any, experienced by the patients.