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“I felt a little pain and irritation during surgery. During my post OP visit, Doctor informed me it will be alright and suggest to continue the medication. Afterwards, there is no pain. I feel like I’m being at my young age, doing my work independently.

Before surgery, I used to wear glasses. But after surgery, I don’t depend on glasses. Though doctor, recommend to wear spectacle for near vision, for headache. Honestly, I don’t have such problems.

After surgery, I am able to read newspaper. Earlier, I need someone’s assistance to make a phone call. Now, I can see the phone number and dial it. I can able to check the price label and buy items”

Ms. Backialakshmi, Housewife

“I’m working as a Security officer in a reputed company. I came to know about Aurovue Dfine, during my wife’s operation. I think I’m blessed to implant Aurovue Dfine.

In my work, I have to allow the right people to enter in to my company. Usually I have to make a day entry of car number and visit time etc. Before surgery I am not quick enough to record the car number in real time, especially when the car is moving Also in night time, face a head light glare.

My work efficiency is improved, after implanting Aurovue Dfine. Able to read the car number and spot the driver, make car entry/exit records.

I read holy bible without spectacles
While driving, I see my rear objects clearly and drive safely!
I can read text messages, without glasses like never before”

Mr. Krishnan, Security Officer, Ex Serviceman

“My both eyes were operated and implanted with Aurovue Dfine . With god’s grace, I see the world clearly and without glasses. Thank you”

Mr. R. Subramanian, Senior Accountant

“I am not feeling like, i have undergone an operation. I am feeling very normal. Nowadays, I am doing my work by own. I am verymuch satisfied with surgery”

Mr. Seenithangam, Proprietor, Department store

“I have undergone cataract surgery for both my eyes. My vision is very clear and am not using spectacles any more”

Mr. Subburam, Business Man

“I have used spectacles before surgery. When, I started experiencing blurred vision, I have undergone cataract surgery After surgery, I am alright and good bye spectacles”

Ms. Dhanalakshmi, House wife

“Before cataract surgery, my vision was very blurred. After surgery, my vision is very clear without any visual disturbance”

Mr. Selvan, Bank Employee. Rtd