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“I’m using Aurolab Multifocal (Aurovue Dfine) lenses from last two years. In last two years, I have implanted around 200 IOLs. A post-operative result for this IOL is very precise and predictive. I am now more confident in using Multifocal IOLs. After using aurolab multifocal (Aurovue Dfine), My patients whom I have implanted this multifocal lens are very satisfied with both far and near vision. I categories this IOL as one of the best multifocal iols which are presently available in India”

Dr. Piyush Kapur,
The Healing Touch Eye Centre, New Delhi

“We have been using Aurolab Multifocal since long time. In the last year, we have used 105 lenses. The glare is significantly less than other multifocal lenses in the Indian market and the contrast sensitivity is also better. We and the patient are happy by its performance”

Dr. Prakash Kankaria,
Sai Surya Netraseva, Ahmednagar

“The problem of glare and halos is much less as compared to other competitive brands”
“Almost all patients, has good range of near vision. Most of them were comfortable while working on computer”
“Centration of lens was excellent in all cases”
“Preloaded deliver system makes it smooth implantation”
“Overall I rate it very good for money”

Dr. Anil P Harwani
Netra Jyot Eye Hospital, Amravati